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Right on the heels (more like two weeks later) of a Star Wars-themed Snippet Wednesday, here's one with more than just a little bit of a TV lean. Coolness?

I'm not going to recap every single television announcement from the last couple of weeks. If you want to see all those, check out TV By the Numbers. I just want to talk about the stuff that I found interesting or notable.

Sure, we lost How I Met Your Mother at the end of this season, but, Katie and I have decided to nix others. Among them 2 Broke Girls, the schtick of which we've grown tired. I'd actually be willing to give up on shows like Mike & Molly and Scandal, which are also getting tiresome, but the axe hasn't dropped just yet. We've also got the entire half season of Chicago PD that I'm not sure we even want to start. We'll see how the summer goes.

There are a few shows the networks canceled that we will miss. They are Men At Work, Friends With Better Lives, and Growing Up Fisher. At least TBS gave MAW three seasons, but FWBL and GUF didn't even last a half season each. Sad.

After this coming season, we can count amongst planned casualties Two and a Half Men, Parks & Recreation, and Cougar Town. I'm okay with 2.5M and CT dying, but I love P&R sooo much. So does Katie. We'll miss it immensely.

I still can't believe that with all the hype, CBS didn't pick up the spin-off sitcom How I Met Your Father. Not saying I'm glad it didn't happen, but still surprised.

I have not even an iota of desire to watch CSI: Cyber. Not one. The franchise is dead. Stop beating a dead horse.

Not that I'm even close to wanting to quit watching either Castle or Hawaii Five-0, but I really wish they'd just drop the side stories of the murder of Beckett's mom and the mystery of McGarrett's mom, respectively. Please. Just. Stop.

What about your viewing habits?


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Kevin Spencer

Heh, these days I'm strictly Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead. With, er, a bit of Downton Abbey viewing with the Missus thrown in.


Should I bother noting the strong British lean of your viewing habits? Even Dead's lead is a Brit (Andrew Lincoln) playing American. Heh. 


Becca and I say the exact same thing about Hawaii's story line. Castle's we don't mind as much but it just seems like H5O has a scene referring to McGarrett's mom every single week! Most of the time the scene has zippo to do with the actual episode their showing and for us it completely ruins the momentum of the episode. Castle only brings up the Beckett story if it's episode centered and I like that better.


Yeah there is definitely a difference in how it's presented and I'd never really thought about that until you mentioned it. But H50 also had that stupid Kona storyline with her boyfriend earlier this season. I hated it. But I love H50 when it's just them investigating island problems. The cast chemistry is awesome.

The Castle stuff, though? I'm sick of Senator Bracken this and Senator Bracken that. Sure they're self-contained episodes, as you said, but they hold zero interest to me anymore. It ran its course a couple seasons ago when they killed off Tahmoh Penikett. He was badass. And then he tripped the trigger on that file bomb. Stupid. (BTW I know the name because he's a BSG alum)


Met At Work was cancelled? Aw man, I really liked that show! It was actually one I looked forward to more than many others. Not sad about Cougar Town being cancelled, though. I watch, but not enthusiastically. I'm usually cleaning the house and listening instead.

I didn't know Friends With Better Lives was cancelled. I knew it would be, and pretty quickly, but that's even quicker than I expected.

I guess my tv viewing will be cut without any effort from me as this continues.

I did add some new shows like The Profit, 24, and Riot to the rotation though.


I'm sad they canceled FWBL. I was really starting to get into it!!


With how mediocre Big Bang has become of late, Men At Work had become our favorite sitcom as well. I guess we'll have to buy the DVDs. Yeah, I forgot we added 24 to the mix as well. Oy. 


The show has grown on us too. Not great but had promise. And I admit to really liking James Van Der Beek in comedy. 

Marty Mankins

My wife loves Mike & Molly. I watch it every so often. It's got some funny parts.


I feel it lost a lot of charm this past season. 

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