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No, I'm not reviewing a soundtrack from the TV show Justified today. Does that show even have soundtrack albums? Hmmm.

Actually, I'm wondering how much you have to hear from a heretofore unknown-to-you album or artist before you will make the jump and pick up some of their music.

When I was a kid, we basically had what was played on the radio and, occasionally, MTV to use to make this decision. Yup, kiddos, we had A&R-approved singles only to go by for purchasing decisions. Unless a friend owned it.

I take that back.

Occasionally, there was a store or two that would open CDs and let us listen to them at in-store listening stations prior to (as store owners hoped and prayed) purchasing them.

Oh, how the world has changed.

Now we can stream entire LPs on band websites or on any number of streaming services or listen to samples of a full album's worth of tracks on iTunes. We have so much information available to us now before we buy. How my choices in the 80s and 90s would have changed if all this existed then.

But how much is enough? Do you listen to all the samples or stream all the songs before clicking "buy"? Do you listen to two or three or four songs? How many? What will justify you plugging in your credit card information and downloading music from someone you've never heard before? Are you more prone to buying full albums, EPs, or single track downloads?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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Marty Mankins

From a band I've never heard before, I do listen to all of the samples (on iTunes or Amazon) before deciding to get the album or not. If it's an artist that I really like and they have a new album, I hope one of the music sites will offer an entire album stream. Which most of the time, it cements my purchase decision without going back and forth.

I prefer to purchase full albums than single tracks. If I had to put a percentage on it, I would say it's 95% buy the whole album and 5% just download the tracks I want.


Sounds pretty similar to me. 

Kevin Spencer

I really miss the local record shop we had in our town growing up. I hung out there so much in my teenage years. They'd let you listen to albums before buying them. Actually, I miss record shops in general. Sure you didn't have access to all the things like we do now, but finding gems that you'd never seen in other shops was part of the fun.


Record shops were my favorite place to be growing up. I had a bunch of them around me. Now I have one. Nice place but still...

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