Funny thing about my TV binge watching Snippet yesterday. Technically, Katie and I are binging on a TV show right now.

For a while now, FXX has been playing a lot of Parks and Recreation (P&R from here on out) and we've been recording them all and watching them. It's been so much fun rewatching episodes from the first five seasons. I don't think they have rights to season six yet as it has not come out in syndication release... probably closer to the start of season seven in September.

Because of our love of The Office, Katie and I were quick to jump on board with Parks and Recreation when it started in 2009. Both shows had the same creators/showrunners. It was a little rough early on, but it started to gel very quickly and has been a comedic freight train of late.

But I've noticed something recently... I think I actually prefer P&R.

To me, P&R is more consistently funny. And, unlike The Office where I only really cared about a handful of characters, I like and actively root for everyone in the cast of P&R.

When P&R added cast members (Adam Scott and Rob Lowe in 2010), the transition was very smooth. The same went for when they lost two of them (Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones) this past season. The show just keeps rolling. Why? I think it's because P&R writers made it a point to have all cast members play equally important roles in the show. Sure, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is the focal character, but the rest had vital plot lines that they played out concurrently instead of just being background filler. The Office focused on four or five characters with everyone else playing minor to nothing roles. Then, when cast members came and went, they were suddenly bumped up to a more-major-player status and, I feel, it didn't always work well.

The real test for us, though, is what happens when given the chance to watch it over and over again. And we really don't watch The Office in syndication anymore. There is too great a chance of it being one of the episodes from when the show got (by my estimation) bad. And we haven't broken out our DVD sets in years. We stopped buying them after season five.

P&R, though? We've been tearing through those episodes and loving every single one. We don't delete any of them without watching. Sometimes multiple times.

I also think that it has a lot to do with me working in municipal government and really being able to relate to the politics at play in the show. I just get this show. Very well. It may seem really off the wall and unbelievable to you non-govie types, but it's not far off the mark at all.

Scary, isn't it?

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