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Macro Monday 2014.30...

Welcome to another, albeit less disgusting, edition of Macro Monday!

Two people guessed last week's photo almost entirely correct. "Almost"? Allow me to explain.


Is a turkey and cheese sandwich cross section...

However, the filter I used darkened up the meat a bit and made it look more like ham and cheese. So I accepted either. As a result, one friend on Facebook and another on Flickr guessed it mostly correctly as a ham and cheese sandwich. I count that as a win!

Here is this week's challenge photo. And, no, not food.

Guess as often as you'd like. But don't climb so high while trying to see the bigger picture that your guesses are too out of this world. It may seem tough but it really isn't.


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Marty Mankins

If I would have removed the "grilled" from my ham and cheese guess, I would have gotten it mostly right as well.

This week I am guessing this is bolt screwed into a cement bench (painted green)


Did you say it, too? My bad. So you, KevinSpencer, and Yvonne (DutchBitch) got it. 

Kevin Spencer

Yay, I got one right at last! To this point I've been completely crap at these and always look, but never have a clue.

Marty Mankins

It's all good. Now I wanted a ham and cheese sandwich.


And this week? Start a streak!


I highly recommend them. 

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