Snippet Wednesday...

Welcome to a special holiday edition of Snippet Wednesday! I hope you're feeling festive!

You may be thinking one or all of the following right now: "A holiday edition"? It's July 23, you idiot. What holiday is celebrated on July 23??

Only the most important and holiest of holidays! It's National Hot Dog Day!!! If you did not realize that today is Hot Dog Day and it's not too late by the time you read this, get out there!

In the spirit of reminding you that today is National Hot Dog Day, I'd like to also remind you to enjoy that hot dog with a nice bottle of beer. Beer is a healthy food, after all.

I reiterate the "You're Welcome."

Yesterday was another holiday of sorts. It will be one that will be celebrated for generations to come! Mark it down, folks... the day @kapgar hit 40,000 tweets!

I quit.

I stayed at home with a sick Nathan yesterday and, as we're wont to do most days, the TV was on playing his shows. Before you accuse me of PWTV (Parenting With TV), I must note that Nathan does not watch most of it. He plays at his train table or with me or whatnot but enjoys having his shows on in the background. He prefers his white noise to our white noise.

Anyway, I fear that some of his "white noise" might be giving him the wrong idea with how the world works. Yesterday, Mickey Mouse needed to fill up the gas tank in his Clubhouse Car. That's responsible of him to check the tank. However, he was able to pay for his tank with gumballs. That's right... gumballs! One gumball equals a quarter tank of gas! Can you believe that? What do you think would happen if I slapped down four gumballs on the counter in a gas station? Poor little guy is gonna be so confused when he grows up.

Yahoo may have been relegated to a role as the butt of most tech jokes in the last decade. But I gotta admit that they seem to be doing some nice things lately. Pretty much ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. They revamped Flickr, finally. This was followed with a redo on the Flickr mobile app (although they still need to do some work on the whole picking of groups and keywords and whatnot when uploading).

But my favorites of late have been the introduction of the Yahoo News Digest and Yahoo Weather apps. Yahoo News Digest delivers to you twice daily (9 a.m. and 6 p.m.) a digest of what they feel are newsworthy tidbits. Anywhere from six to 12 articles per digest, whittled down, enhanced with video, photos, Wikipedia links, a random fact or statistic related to the article, and a feed of related Tweets. I love it. The Yahoo Weather app is a really pretty and thorough interface in which to check out the atmospheric goings on around you. Yesterday it was updated to include twice daily push notifications of weather in your area based on your geospatial location. I admit I'm sometimes too harried in the morning to check the weather so to have it pushed right to the lock screen on my iPhone is pretty awesome.

Thanks Yahoo and Marissa!

Now get out there and support your favorite wiener slinger!


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Kevin Spencer

Yeah the adding of groups to uploads is one of the glaring omissions from the new Flickr app.


They really need to get on that. It's been a complaint for far too long. 

Marty Mankins

In addition to the National Hot Dog Day on the 23rd, the 24th was National Tequila Day.

I've been liking both the Yahoo News Digest and Weather apps. Very cool to have the current weather and current news in my iPhone. The only omission on the Weather app is that you can't sign into it with your Yahoo account to save locations. The Android version of the Yahoo Weather app has that option. Not sure why that is. I've submitted it to Yahoo to see if they update it at some point.

40k tweets is a nice milestone. When I hit 50k tweets, it seemed like a lot. Can't imagine hitting 100k anytime soon. I have several people I follow that are past 100k and one person is past 300k tweets.


I'm not sure what you mean about saving locations in the Weather app. I'm not signed in but have six different locations saved that I swipe left and right to toggle between. Just like I could do in the iOS weather app. 

Marty Mankins

When you tap on the upper left corner of the iOS Weather app, you can edit locations. The Android version of the Weather app also adds above the edit locations a place to login to your Yahoo account, which if you had locations already saved in your account, it would add those for you.

I installed the Weather app to my iPad and had to manually add all of the locations that my iPhone had. If I could login to my Yahoo account, it would have loaded all my saved locations automatically.


Oh, gotcha. Syncing of existing locations. 

Marty Mankins

Yep. It's nice when you have the Weather app on multiple devices. Although I don't use my Android phone anymore (it's been relegated to being used when I travel outside the US)


I guess it would be but I only use Weather on my iPhone. Just handier that way. 

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