Today, I got really frustrated with Facebook. I was pissed that they would keep pushing Message notifications thru on the app when I can't use said app to view them.

As you may or may not know, Facebook branched off the direct messaging function of their network into a separate app called Facebook Messenger. Why? Who knows. It makes zero logical sense to me.

But I refuse to use a second app to perform a function that can be done by one. But Facebook is still pushing notifications to their original app even though I can't access the message. And the notification bubble wouldn't go away even though I shut off message notifications in Settings.

So I deleted Facebook from my phone. I thought maybe a fresh install would fix it. I then went to re-download the app.

I stopped halfway through.

I thought about it and realized I want to try taking a break from Facebook. No more quizzes. No more updates. The only thing you'll see from me are posts that push through from other services like Instagram.

Let's see how long I can make this last.

Bear in mind, you may still see activity on my account. Katie uses it as her own account. Just know it's not me.

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Gary LaPointe

FourSquare did the same kind of think and I'm totally confused with it now.

Facebook, I'm just not willing to add messenger, if they want me to message (which I really don't want to do), just put it all in one app!


The funny thing about Foursquare is that I have moved over to Swarm for checkins but deleted Foursquare. No need. The other split was YouTube and Capture for taking videos and posting them on mobile devices. 


I hate facebook so much. The only reason I haven't deleted my account is because it's connected to my photo page that I created a while back and I don't know how to disconnect that two. So I go on there to post stuff to my photo page, not my personal page. Matt actually deleted his recently. It's become an annoyance in more ways than one.


I deleted Facebook off of my phone in the winter and have really enjoyed not having it on there. I like to use it on the computer and iPad to mess around at home, but like not feeling like I have to check in on things when I am out and about. And I told people not to use messenger to contact me if they want a response in less than a few days. Ha ha. I think you will like it and feel refreshed!


The only reason I keep it is because so many people like seeing photos of Nathan and Facebook is the only means they have. Otherwise, it would be dead. Good on Matt. 

Marty Mankins

Facebook... where do I start? I removed the regular Facebook app from my phone almost 9 months ago and haven't missed it. Although, about 5 months ago, I installed the Facebook Paper app. So much nicer to use on my phone. I like the swipe interface a lot better than the scrolling the regular FB app uses.

As for my love/hate relationship with FB, It's a mixed bag for me. Many of my friends that I grew up are ones that I have to hide their feeds from my timeline/news feed. So much division over many topics like politics and religion and all of the game invites and "You won't believe what happens" video uploads. I cross post my blog posts to FB and a few other posts, but the toxic level of conversations and comments is something I really try to avoid.

If I had more friends like you and Kim and Dave2, I wouldn't hate FB so much.

Along the subject of multiple apps, I admit to liking Swarm now that it's seen some updates and features added to it that were once in Foursquare. I still use Foursquare for tips, both adding myself and reading others.


I still have to use it at work, so I have it bookmarked there. But it's gone from my iPhone and iPad and it feels great even though it hasn't even been 24 hours. 

Kevin Spencer

I did the "completely permanently delete your account forever and ever" move probably 5 or 6 years ago maybe? Can't say I've ever missed it. At all. For me it was a number of reasons. When the service is more annoying than it is helpful, I take that as a sign ;-)


That long ago? I'm not even sure I was using but enough at that point did not to have achieved annoyance status. 


Funny, Katie and I both completely dumped Foursquare. Gone. We had no use for it. Like I've said before, if we lived more in the midst of a big city and were out on the town all the time, it would be great. As it is, we are suburbanites who tend to know what we like and have very little time or money even for that. Oh well.

Facebook Paper? Not familiar. I may have to read up on it.

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