18 posts from August 2014

Snippet Wednesday...

Marty is making a liar of me. Yesterday, he called me "speed demon" regarding my blog posting rate of late. I told him it was because I was forgoing Snippet Wednesdays in favor of individual posts for topics so that I could get myself back up above a 50% posting rate this month (to that point, I'd only posted four times in 19 days). So what am I doing today? Posting a Snippet Wednesday. It wasn't supposed to be. But it has become one. Oy.

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Macro Monday 2014.31...

Before I get into Macro Monday, I need some help from those of you who subscribe to this blog via RSS feed (if you don't know what an RSS feed is, please don't ask). When you see Macro Monday posts, as well as any post lately with photo embeds from Flickr, does it seem like my post feed is stunted? Like all the text and photos aren't showing in the feed? Please let me know in a comment if you see this phenomenon and what you're using as an RSS feed reader/aggregator. Thanks!

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