Tu(n)esday: Trial...

Macro Monday 2014.34...

There were a lot of great and perfectly logical guesses on last week's Macro Monday post. Kiwi. Avocado. Lime... all made perfect sense.

Especially when you check out the image...

Macro Monday 2014.33. Take a guess.

And then find out it's not what you think. At all. It's a green walnut pod.

Macro Monday 2014.33 solution - a green walnut (the "walnut," as we're all accustomed, is within that pod)

That image that you have in your head of what a walnut in its shell looks like? That's inside this green thingamajig. I'm curious if it will be edible or if I'm going to poison myself by not preparing it properly.

So what's this new macro photo? And bonus points if you can tell me how this picture relates to last week's photo...

Macro Monday 2014.34. Guesses?

Guess away!



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Kevin Spencer

It's the walnut that came from inside?


Finger stained by the walnut.

Marty Mankins

You stumped us all from last week.

As for this week, based on your clue, I'm going to guess it's the top of a piece of banana nut bread.


Last week was a bit misleading. I admit. 

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