Tu(n)esday: Trial...

I got a letter in the mail last week letting me know that my Sirius/XM radio was being reactivated for two weeks for free starting today and running through Monday, August 8.

That's pretty cool. Free is always good.

After the trial period, I can opt to sign up for five months of service for $20.

I have no idea if this is for all currently unsubscribed Sirius/XM users. But, if you are one, it cannot hurt to flip on your radio today and see if it suddenly has life again. If it works, thank me later.

While I'm excited to listen to the satellite radio service again, I'm not sure I'll sign up. I've really been enjoying listening to Audible lately. I'm afraid that having another option will cut into my audiobook time. With a book as hefty as George R.R. Martin's A Dance With Dragons, every minute of listen time counts.

So, sure, I'll listen here and there but not as much as I would have if it was three months ago. Before I started listening to books.

Maybe this is an opportunity that will pay off more for one of you than for me. Give it a go.

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They've added some new stations, but overall it's the same ol' blah blah.


It seems they may have changed some of them. One of my pre-programmed was dead this morning. 

Marty Mankins

I normally call in about a week before my subscription expires in the first week of May and say that $265 a year for a single radio with internet/app access is more than I want to spend. And they lower it by about $80. I listen to my iPod a good deal to where I wouldn't miss SiriusXM too much, but there is my Howard Stern channels that aren't available anywhere else.

I need to take up your suggestion on the Audible again.


If they told me it would be that much, I'd laugh and hang up on them. 

Marty Mankins

If I could go a couple of months with my SiriusXM, I'm sure they would give me a great offer. I might have to do that next April... cancel than wait for the "please come back" email.


Those "please come back" campaigns are great! Just ask the Catholic Church. 

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