Macro Monday 2014.37...

While I didn't think last week's photo was too terrible, I also didn't think it would be particularly easy. I got several partial correct guesses and one, repeat one, that was spot-on exactamundoifically correct!

This beef jerky/potpourri/ganja/sweet potato fries-lookin' thing...

Macro Monday 2014.36. Take a guess, and be as specific as you can be. Rooibos red tea.

Macro Monday 2014.36 solution - Rooibos red tea.  Rock on, @animalcrackers!

The nickel is in there for scale so you can see how crushed Rooibos tea is before steeping.

I would gladly have accepted "red tea" or, even less specifically, "tea." But then @animalcrackers came along with the exact right answer. Hard to pedal back on that. Bar set.

Now take a guess at what this is.

Macro Monday 2014.37. Give it a guess. Bonus if you guess what the light-colored specks are and why they are there.

The bigger picture image shouldn't be so bad. Guess what the smaller light-colored flecks on it are and why they are there and I'll be mightily impressed.

See ya next week! Well, for Macro Monday, that is. I'll be blogging here all week otherwise.

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Marty Mankins

I'm going to guess this week's is a raisin with sugar flecks on it. It came from a bowl of Raisin Bran.


Not a bad guess. 

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