David Faustino reprising his role as Bud Bundy in a Married... With Children spinoff?

How many ways can I say "YES!"

Sure I'm worried. But only a little bit. MWC was a campy show and it's not like my expectations would be high. I just want to have some fun.

But, I also don't want it to be a note-for-note rehash of the original with Faustino moving into the exact same role inhabited by Ed O'Neill in the original complete with shiftless family members and all.

What I want is for Bud to be successful. Maybe he became a computer programmer and sold his company for millions. His wife is a driven and successful professional. His kids are bright. Even the family dog is purebred. He has it all.

But he's still miserable.

Now that could be fun.

I would watch this. I'm actually looking forward to this more than any of the new hourlong dramas planned for this coming season.

Make this happen. Please. And soon. There is a severe lack of sitcoms in the television industry right now.


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Of course he said yes! What else was he doing besides animes?


He's a voiceover actor?

Marty Mankins

I loved MWC. Such a great comedy. Baseless humor, crass and rude at times... but funny on every level. I'll be curious to see how a spinoff works.


I just hope the crudeness doesn't go too over the top to keep up with the humor nowadays. The old MWC is tame by today's standards. 

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