Did you know that there is much, much more to the world of Oreo than just the classic white cream with chocolate cookie that we are all accustomed to? So, so much. In fact, a lot of the varieties have been reviewed by Marty Mankins over on his blog.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to try the classic, Double Stuf, mini, football, Neapolitan, chocolate, strawberry milkshake, lemon, Golden, cool mint, banana split, Halloween (orange cream), dulce de leche, birthday cake, candy corn, gingerbread, watermelon, cookie dough, krispy treat (like a Rice Krispies treat), and fruit punch. Some are good, some not so much. It all depends on taste, as you would expect.

The other day, though, while shopping at Woodman's, I found two other flavors that I had not seen before, limeade and root beer float. The limeade sounded, well, interesting, but not something for I which I was then in the mood. Sometimes those weird flavors pay off. Watermelon wasn't as bad as I was expected. Lemon was shockingly refreshing. But fruit punch sucked.

I played it safe and picked up root beer float.

Oreo root beer float isn't bad. It's a swirl center akin to flavors like banana split and neapolitan where, when you pop open the cookie, you see two different color creams swirled together like a yin-yang. The only difference was how much weight was put into the cream side while the root beer lacked a bit.

The package shows a better balance between the two, but most of the ones I pried open seemed to favor the cream half more. But I suppose there needs to be this imbalance so root beer doesn't overrun the cream taste.

It worked. I enjoyed the new flavor. It's a classic cookie given a modern spin. The packaging says this is a limited edition, so, if you're inclined to try it, you'd better start looking soon. These test flavors tend to go bye bye very quickly.

I hope Marty isn't offended that I'm stealing one of the things that he's known for (Oreo reviews), but in this world of test markets, I never know where this sort of product may or may not be found. Who knows if he can even get these in the greater Salt Lake region?


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Marty Mankins

First off, not offended at all. I love to see more Oreo flavors reviews. Makes it so I'm not the only one eating these different flavors.

I am going to have to seek these out. I was just at a grocery store this morning (Smith's, which is owned by Kroger) and they didn't have these. But there's a good 4 other stores within a few miles of my house that I plan to check out.

I've seen the Limeade Oreos, but as much as I'm a limeade fan (drink wise), these didn't sound appealing to me.

I do have a package of Carmel Apple Oreos waiting to be opened here soon.


Caramel apple?? Must find!


I'm boring. I like the golden vanilla ones.


Nothing wrong with favorites. I almost always refuse to try new potato chip flavors save for salt and vinegar. 


Didn't care for the watermelon. The limeade was ok, as was the berry. I really like the root beer float ones. Gonna have to try to find caramel apple.


Caramel Apple sounds interesting and Marty also reviewed Peanut Butter Cup a couple weeks ago. I gotta find those. 


They have caramel apple at Tarjay. ;)


My parents found these at Fareway and picked them up for me to try! I liked them. I think Reese's is still my fave though!


Thanks for the tip!


I found peanut butter but not Reese's. 

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