This past weekend, Katie and I finally watched the first episode of FOX's new Batman-based series Gotham starring Ben Mackenzie as Detective James Gordon.

Typically, this sort of show worries me. It's so easy for it to suck. But, so far, I'm not disappointed. The first episode was really good and told a lot in a short time. But even more key for me is that Katie seems to like it so far. It's become far too difficult to watch shows without her. We have so little time for TV as it is so to have to split time is tough.

It was funny, though, to listen to Katie as she watched the show. She has seen the movies and watched the original Adam West series, but I wouldn't really call her a Batman fan. No comic books. Not much backstory knowledge. And definitely not one to know the alter egos of characters other than Batman and Robin (so long as you're only referring to the Robin of the Adam West series and not all the additional Robins that the comic book has introduced; heck, I can't even keep up with all of them).

Yet here she was... "That guy is going to become Riddler, isn't he?" "I know he's going to be someone... Penguin?" "That's definitely Poison Ivy." And, like most of us, "Who the heck is she going to be?" in reference to Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith).

I'm proud. She gets full geek creds so far as I'm concerned.

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She's better off than I am. I recognized Penguin, and I think Joker, but beyond that, I am clueless. I am enjoying it, though.
Also, I am almost done with 'Name of the Wind'. Just FYI, stick with it through about the first 50 pages. Then the story really begins.


I was wondering how that show is. I haven't watched it yet because, like you, I was worried it could pretty badly. I'll make sure to check it out. I think Flash is also coming to TV no?


I'll remember that with the book. Thanks. As for Gotham, there is no Joker yet. Not that I saw anyway. 


Flash started. A friend of mine watches it but I'm not gonna. Too much solo TV and that would be another. 

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