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On behalf of Katie and I, I would like to offer up our sincerest apologies to the players, managers, employees, and fans of the Kansas City Royals. Why apologies? Because Katie and I were not only rooting for you to win the World Series, we actually tuned into a big chunk of game 7 last night. Every time we tuned in, San Francisco scored. We think we may have jinxed you. We're sorry.

We promise not to watch next season.



This past weekend, I finally got around to watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nope, never saw it in theaters and that's okay. My library got it for me on DVD, which allowed me to watch it for free. I can handle the wait. Usually happens only a handful of months after the movie is in theaters anymore. Not like the old VHS days where you could wait years for a home video release of a movie, if ever.

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I'm not sure how you all do your online banking and bill pay, but I use a combination of my bank's online services along with the websites for companies with which I do business. Why the combo? I prefer using the company's website. However, there are two companies I deal with that don't allow payments through their websites without a big rigmarole that I just have no desire to deal with so I have to pay through my bank.

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Yesterday, I was driving to work and because I had been having severe allergy attacks, my eyes were beat red and I couldn't wear my contact lenses. As a result, the light from the sun had magnified and made my drive to work horrifically painful. I'm better now, but not after wondering if blindness would be better or worse than the pain I was enduring.

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