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On behalf of Katie and I, I would like to offer up our sincerest apologies to the players, managers, employees, and fans of the Kansas City Royals. Why apologies? Because Katie and I were not only rooting for you to win the World Series, we actually tuned into a big chunk of game 7 last night. Every time we tuned in, San Francisco scored. We think we may have jinxed you. We're sorry.

We promise not to watch next season.



This past weekend, I finally got around to watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nope, never saw it in theaters and that's okay. My library got it for me on DVD, which allowed me to watch it for free. I can handle the wait. Usually happens only a handful of months after the movie is in theaters anymore. Not like the old VHS days where you could wait years for a home video release of a movie, if ever.

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I'm not sure how you all do your online banking and bill pay, but I use a combination of my bank's online services along with the websites for companies with which I do business. Why the combo? I prefer using the company's website. However, there are two companies I deal with that don't allow payments through their websites without a big rigmarole that I just have no desire to deal with so I have to pay through my bank.

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