I've played plenty of adult park district sports over the years. Softball (hate it), dodgeball (liked it initially, grew to hate it), sand volleyball (love it passionately). But now some friends have been trying to recruit me to play soccer.

They're currently playing a fall league that I refused to take part in mostly because it's too far away from where I live and on a weekend thus requiring me to spend a lot of time driving on a day I'd rather spend with my family. I told them (assuming there's no way it would happen) that if they start a winter indoor league much closer to my home, I'd probably do it.

According to the last I heard from them, they're going to.


I haven't played organized soccer since I was seven years old. I haven't even played pickup soccer in the last decade. To be honest, I don't even understand the game. Sure, I get the basics. But there are some rules to the game that make zero sense. Even diehard soccer fans have trouble explaining them rationally (offsides, for example).

I am so screwed if this actually happens.

Or I may have fun. Who knows?

If we do it, though, I'm going to make it a point to try to recruit all the same guys for sand volleyball. I miss playing that. Badly. And they'll owe me. Big.

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Soccer sounds incredibly fun. Even if you're not excited, I'm extremely jealous.


Not a lack of excitement so much as being wholly petrified. If I had no excitement, I wouldn't have bothered blogging about it. 


Do it. You'll have loads of fun, and have no one to blame but yourself if you don't go through with it.


If it happens, I likely will. 


You will have so much fun!! Give it a try before you pass complete judgement on it. :)

I played soccer with my old organization, but quit because of the whole distance thing (to get to games on the weekends).


I'm not passing judgment on soccer so much as my ability to play and not break in half while doing so. 

Marty Mankins

I would take volleyball over soccer. I happen to like volleyball, so there's that bias right there.


Volleyball is awesome. 

Kevin Spencer

Obviously knowing the country I'm from means that I love Football (sorry, it's Football). Along with Rugby it's one of our national sports and is played everywhere. A few years back I joined a local indoor 7 a-side league here in Phoenix and we played every Sunday morning. Was fun but almost killed myself trying to keep up with 20 somethings. For whatever reason I stopped playing and would love to take it up again. This time in an over 35 league or something so that Granddad Spencer can keep up.


Old man. :-)

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