Macro Monday 2014.41...

I apologize for this Macro Monday going live on a Sunday, but I've got something else even more time sensitive to blog about tomorrow. I hope you'll forgive me. The way I figure it, better early than late.

I was right to worry about this one being too easy. I had two correct guesses within minutes of posting the picture. And many more after that.


Macro Monday 2014.40. Please try to refrain from guessing "robot nipple."

Is the positive node of a C-cell battery...

Macro Monday 2014.40 solution - positive node of a C-cell battery.

I had a lot of people who went so far as to guess AA and AAA, but I was really only going for "positive node of a battery." So, you're technically ALL correct, but if we're going to delve into specificity as you all seemed to want to do, no one was correct! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Time to get tougher.

Macro Monday 2014.41. Take a guess.

Have fun!

Time for me to tune in to the season premiere of The Walking Dead. BRAAAAAAIIINNNNSSSSS!!!


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Oct 11
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Oct 13
What was the "even more time sensitive" thing I referred to yesterday that necessitated me posting my first Macro Sunday? Today is Katie's and my anniversary! It's also our Golden Anniversary! Well, I don't mean it is the Golden Anniversary....


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Marty Mankins

This week's is some type of soup. Or Pho. I'm going with Pho.


Your guess is making me hungry. 

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