2014 Goals: October Recap...

Happy November, everyone. While I'm sad October is already done, I'm also glad we got our first snowfall out of the way. That happened yesterday here in Chicagoland. Scary. Anyway here is my Goal Post recap for October.

1. The Reading Goal:
Read George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels 2, 3, and 4


2. The Photography Goal:
Shoot and blog about one macro photo per week ("Macro Monday")


3. The Music Goal:
Listen to one new band per month

David Guetta. He's been the de facto playboy and celeb fave in the electronic and DJ realm, which might be why I never listened to him. But I got a copy of one of his albums and I really liked it. I guess there is a good reason for his notoriety.

4. The Food Goal:
Try three new recipes per month

Pumpkin snicker doodles, Dutch oven pasta, and what I'm calling Cheat-potlé tex-mex bowl. All really good stuff. No photos, though.

5. The Fitbit Goal:
Take an average of 10,000 steps per day

Mixed bag this month. More sub-10K days than I'd like to admit but I did wind up with an overall monthly average of 10,673 steps per day.

6. The Blog Goal I:
Convert to new blogware

No new work on this as of right now.

7. The Blog Goal II:
Post 50% of the year

I blogged every day in October. I'm at 225 of 304 for 74.0%.

8. The Blog Goal III:
Post monthly updates on my progress


9. The Katie Goal:
Read Sue Grafton's alphabet novels, A through L


Check back in 30 days for the next update!


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Dutch oven pasta? Share please!


Do you have a Dutch oven? Le Creuset or otherwise?

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