When you were a kid, did you anthropomorphise your toys?

I did in a serious way. My toys had personalities and behavior quirks and, for better and worse, emotions. I could never get rid of toys because it would hurt their feelings. I was fiercely loyal to my toys. When they fell apart or broke, they endured pain until I fixed them. If I made them better, they felt pride and greater commitment to me. If I couldn't fix them or, God forbid, I lost a toy, I became depressed.

Yes, the Toy Story movies struck a deeply personal chord with me.

To some degree, this ability to anthropomorphise inanimate objects carries over to this day. Just more as a joke now than as a coping mechanism.

For example, this morning, I may or may not have dug a shirt out of the darkest recesses of my closet to wear for the first time in many months and, while I did that, I pretended it celebrated saying, "OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD!!! I've been chosen! The Claw has chosen!"

Yeah, Toy Story, right?


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Nov 7
Funny how things get all coincidental on you, isn't it? Yesterday, I post about how sentimental I get over the Toy Story movies because of my childhood of anthropomorphising my toys. That same day, Disney announces the name of the...


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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Sounds more like a mental issue to me!! I never knew we raised such a sick puppy!! Sweet, but sick!


Gee, thanks.

hello haha narf

are we related? my older siblings were not permitted to hit me so they would hit my favorite stuffed animals. i swear that hurt worse.


I used to chop off my dolls' hairs. Then I found out it doesn't grow back. What a bummer. They needed a new look. The long hair was just getting boring. I did it because I CARED.

I swear I'm not the only girl who has done this to her dolls.


That's brutal. I'm just happy I was the older sib. But I never would have done that to toys. Better to beat up my little brother. 


I knew plenty of girls growing up who had dolls with chopped hair. Creepy. 

Kazza the Blank One

The claaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!


I love those aliens!

Marty Mankins

I loved my toys and embraced them on many levels. LEGOs, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars were ones I cherished. I often painted scenarios where I built cities I lived in and drove around. I had Matchbox and Hot Wheels that never left the house and ones that I carried with me places. And then a set that were allowed to play outside and in the dirt. So I get the whole anthropomorphise idea.


So the cars were like the ones in Cars with voices and all?

Marty Mankins

Yes, to some degree. The trucks had deeper voices (as best as I could do for an 8 year old)



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