A week ago, I had my mind completely made up against using Wordpress. I even have a blog post saved in my draft folder justifying my decision.

Then something unexpected happened.

The IT gods at work gave me unfettered access to Wordpress at work to set up a blog for a specific function. And I had zero problems.

I actually liked it and may keep playing with it.

But I better hurry. Not much time left this year, is there?

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Nov 21
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Nov 23
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Do you mean you might switch over to Wordpress? Or just keep it for the work blog you are putting together?


Possibly personal. The trick is converting my old stuff. 

Marty Mankins

I swear by Wordpress, not at it. Cool that you liked it after having a chance to play with it.

As you said, the hard part is converting over from TypePad.


If you have any conversion tips, let me know. 

Kevin Spencer

I've never been happier after moving from Movable Type to Wordpress. Take the plunge on a test install first and give the mt-importer plugin a whirl. I've been busy with work and vacation just recently so have been somewhat off the grid but that's changing now. So shout with any other questions matey.


I'll do that. Thanks!

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