Katie and I have been unabashed lovers of Disney/Pixar films for 20 years now. We're such fans that we've made it a point to see almost all of them in theaters. Given the cost of theatergoing these days, that's saying something.

While they're not all fantastic, Pixar has a better track record than almost any other film studio out there. That they can make us get truly emotional over and connect with cartoon characters in a way that we more often than not cannot do with human characters is a testiment to their artistry both in animation and writing.

But, like I said, they're not all hits. They can't all be Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Brave, Up, Monsters Inc., Ratatouille, WALL-E, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. Once in a great while, you have a dud like A Bug's Life.

Katie and I also felt those dud-like sentiments over Cars. We saw it in theaters back in 2006 and walked out just feeling "meh" about it. And we haven't watched it since.

Nathan, however, has become a big fan of toy trains and this love has ventured out into all other manner of wheeled toys. Monster trucks, fire engines, race cars. You name it.

Katie and I thought maybe he would take to Cars. You have to understand that, while Nathan loves TV, he has not gotten into movies at all. We've tried all manner of movies to see if he'd like them and his attention span is lost very shortly into the movie. It's like that with a lot of TV, too, in all honesty. Sometimes he'll sit there rapt. Most times, though, he watches for a few minutes and then goes and plays.

Cars resonated only marginally with him. He liked seeing the cars racing around, but the rest of it bored him.

The surprise came in that both Katie and I really enjoyed it! It kept our attention and we found that it was striking a chord it never managed to reach eight years ago.

I think we actually kinda want to see Cars 2 and the Planes movies now (yes, we realize Planes is not a Pixar property).

Do you ever revisit movies or other forms of media to give them the proverbial second chance? How'd it go?

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I'd much rather re-watch A Bugs Life than Ratatouille. I could not stand that movie (ironic, given my choice of pets). I think Cars is pretty decent but Planes was just terrible. I couldn't get into it. Maybe you should check out Big Hero 6. I loved it even more than expected.


You're the second positive review of BH6. Might have to do it. I did love Ratatouille though. 

Marty Mankins

As I mentioned on Twitter when we had this convo, Ratatouille is my favorite of the Pixar movies. And when I finally watched Cars, it was better than I anticipated it would be. In fact, I recommend visiting Disney California Adventure for Cars Land. It's very well done.

Revisiting movies... I've wanted to watch Anchorman again to see if I would like it (I watched it on DVD some years ago and turned it off half way). My daughter did the same thing and she went back and really liked it. I'm hoping when I do, the same result will occur.


Anchorman requires the proper mood. I had to revisit Shaun of the Dead and Super Troopers. Now I love them both. 


I can't really think of any off the top of my head. Usually if I see a movie and don't like it, I don't go back and watch it. It would have to accidentally be on and there wouldn't be any way for me to change the channel.

I'm with you on A Bug's Life; it wasn't that great. I did love Ratatouille and most of the ones you've mentioned (some I haven't seen). Pixar has done a pretty good job, but I've been hearing that their run of mostly good movies won't last long (article in The Atlantic). It'll be interesting to see what happens.


Nothing can last forever but how can Atlantic predict accurately? What insider knowledge do they have? 


I've tried again with Cars and still no luck. Which ... my family hates, cause they all love the movie and are big in to cars irl. LOL. I should try it again. :)


I'm not sure what made it different this time. If Nathan was totally into it, yeah. But he was only paying marginal attention. 

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