Macro Monday 2014.45...

As it turns out, the color altering I thought would keep last week's Macro Monday from being too easy made it entirely too difficult. No one got it. Understandably, I suppose. There were some uniquely cool guesses, though.


Macro Monday 2014.44. I did alter the color to make it not quite so easy. Take that as you will.

Was a turquoise bead...

Macro Monday 2014.44 solution - turquoise bead. Now you see why I couldn't keep the color in the photo. Too easy.

I tried to make this one more reasonable. As a clue, it should be very easy for parents to figure this out.

Macro Monday 2014.45. Should be an easy one for parents.

Have fun.

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Marjory Adams

I definitely know this one Kev!


I'd hope so. 


I totally thought the top one was ice or something like that. Would never have guessed tourquiose bead! I have no clue what this week's is...


If you still had an FB account, I'd tell you to go look at some of the guesses on last week's photo. 

Marty Mankins

I'm a parent, but having a hard time with this week's. I'm going with dental floss on a bathroom water cup.


Part of it. 

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