Macro Monday 2014.47...

Last week's Macro Monday yielded some interesting, and very nearly correct, guesses. None that were 100% correct, but very close.

For example, I can definitely see a paintbrush or an aglet when I look at this...

Macro Monday 2014.46. Guess away!

However, it is actually the really trashed end of a dry erase marker.

Macro Monday 2014.46 solution - flayed end of a dry erase marker.

I really need a new marker. While I shop, how about you all take some guesses on this one?

Macro Monday 2014.47 - take a guess. Not that tough. Really!

Happy guessing!

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Marty Mankins

Nice way to stump us from last week.

This week, I'm going to guess that you are keeping it with pens and that this is the bottom end of one.

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