Professional photo studio visits are pretty hit or miss with Nathan.

At five months old, we took him to Picture People and it was a disaster. Nate wanted nothing to do with it and the photographer wasn't particularly adept.

At nine months, we took him to JCPenney and it was fan-freakin'-tastic. He was happy, the photographer was amazing, and we got dozens of great photos.

We want back again shortly after his first birthday and had the same photographer. Once again J.C. (Yes, that was her name) managed to get us some great stuff with what he did sit still for. By then he was fully mobile and didn't like not being allowed to move.

Around the holidays last year, we went to a different JCPenney for a two-family shoot with his cousin Ava and everyone on Katie's side of the family. It was Picture People levels of horrible.

Yesterday, we went back to JCPenney for his (very late) two year shoot and our family photos. J.C. was no longer there. We got another photographer who didn't get on very well with Nathan who was all over the place as expected. He did not want to sit still at all but, despite this, he did present many opportunities for decent photos. She just never had her camera ready. I was standing behind the photog attempting to get Nathan's attention and it worked a lot but she was never at the ready. As a result, we only got 10 shots of him total. Not 10 good ones out of a batch of many, 10 total.

At least they were 10 decent shots. Six of just Nathan, three of Nathan and Katie, and one of all three of us. We tried for shots of him and me but it wasn't happening.

Here's what we've got so far (so long as the link works). Skip the social media login pop up that you see.

We might have to find a new studio next year. Or stalk J.C.

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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

I think the pictures are wonderful, even if you don't!! So does Dad!!

Lynne Spryszak

Go here - Trish is AMAZING!!


Don't get me wrong. I like them. There were just many missed opportunities at the shoot and Nathan was none too happy at it. 


Katie was talking about trying family photos outdoors next year instead of a studio so this might be nice. Thanks!

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

I know a pretty decent photographer...hint-hint!! I just got a new camera today! Mine died!


It died? Seriously?

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Yup...I was having a problem with getting the button to take the sometimes would and sometimes wouldn't. I was still gonna take it on the cruise, but then it totally wouldn't. It seems that it has something to do with the processor and the fact that this particular DSLR and others only have so many "clicks" in them and mine had hit the max. Do you have need of my lenses? could they be used with adaptors for your camera?


I'm really only interested in a macro or something like 10mm lens. 


OMG HE'S SO CUTE!!! And I love the one of the three of you!!

It's so so difficult to take pictures of kids because they do not take well to being ordered around (which you are not supposed to do) and someone being impatient with them. Plus you have to have your camera ready at all times. Doing studio pictures is even harder since you really do need them to sit still or pose. This is why when someone asks me to take photos of their family I tell them straight off the bat I take "natural" photos and not studio ones. It's actually more fun letting the kid be in their own environment (i.e. room, playground, etc.), running around, doing what they want. They respond well to that. (At least from what I've seen.)


That's exactly what we're going to do next year. Natural. Outdoors. That sort of thing. 


I think the photos turned out good! But it's also a great idea to track down J.C. Maybe she is doing work on her own now!


I think Katie was told she moved but I could be remembering wrong. 

Marty Mankins

It seems the dept stores are slimming their extra services. I think the pics look fine, but I can see your comments about Nathan not being into it as much. He's missing the beaming smiles and eyes that you want for those type of photos.

Hope you can find another source before the next round.


We're going to take it outdoors where he's more comfortable. Park or nature preserve. I hope that does the trick. We'll return to a studio when he's older. 

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