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Tu(n)esday: Throbbing...

Nov 25
In preparation for the Foo Fighters-Urge Overkill-Cheap Trick-Naked Raygun quadruple bill next August (I'm ahead of the game here), I thought I'd start to give a listen to Naked Raygun as they are the only band on the lineup with...
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Nov 27
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Do the world a favor and give a hug to someone you might not otherwise hug. Show love and peace and understanding and hopefully you will receive it back. For just one day, let's all try to...


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Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Depends on if you're willing to pay the cost!!


God forbid how much that is. 


Put them in a book, which you then place in a box that has a lock, which then goes in a safe that has a lock, which is in a closet that you barely use which has a lock on its door. Then put the key to the closet in a box that has a lock, put that box in a safe that has a lock.... wait a minute...might need to rethink this.


I think you just lost them for me. 

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