2014 is rapidly coming to a close. This means my Macro Monday challenge will also soon be done. 

I want to continue with a photography challenge in 2015 as I've really enjoyed this one. I think it was so much more fun because I wasn't saddled with a daily photo challenge like in 2010-2012. That grind wears on you. But going about it on a weekly basis really worked well for me. It also guaranteed I had at least one post per week covered.

That's the route I think I want to go next year... weekly photo challenge.

I just need a subject.

I really like Neil's Fictional Characters of New York series. I love the (mostly) black-and-white stolen-moment feel with attached short story that he's established. I'm ridiculously envious of his ability, in fact. But, as much as I want to emulate him, I don't want to come off as cheap thievery, either. 

As far as I'm concerned, Stormin' Norman is retired, but I could break out some other toy for an Amelie-esque series. I also wasn't planning on continuing with Macro Monday, but will if enough people say so.

Do you have other ideas for me? It's also gotta be something I can do with an iPhone.

Oh, and please don't say "portraits" or "portraiture." I can't stand shooting portraits. Yuck. Unless they're toys.

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Well this is difficult. I need to sit and think about this.


Think all you need so long as you promise to return with ideas. 

Marty Mankins

I liked the Macro Monday, but I'd like to see something different. Like an Out and About series. Taking a photo while out of a walk. Then a story about it. Even just a short paragraph of where it is and why you decided to take a photo of it.


I could handle that. 

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