I have railed about vehicle stickers in the past as well as stick figure families a couple of times. So you should be used to this.

But this is a different sort of rant. Not one against the use of these stickers as a whole, but more of a plea to just think before you stick.

My biggest issue right now is with the people who use Star Wars characters as their vehicle family avatars. While I clearly have no issue with Star Wars itself, I do take issue with the choices these people make regarding their selected characters. Apparently, you can customize the family stickers and pick whomever you so desire to represent you in your family unit.

This has led to me seeing children who are combinations of droids, aliens, and humans, which, while not entirely horrendous, is still a bit unsettling.

But the worst are the parents. Sure, it's cool that a dad wants to be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker or Han Solo or Boba Fett and the mom wants to be Princess Leia or Queen Amidala or whoever else. But please try to coordinate, okay? If a dad is Vader, mom can't be Leia (father-daughter). If a mom wants to be Leia, dad can't be Luke (sister-brother). The implications are sick and wrong.

Here's a quick guide to what does work:

  • Vader/Anakin and Padme (duh)
  • Leia and Han (spoiler: they wind up together)
  • Luke and Mara (the latter is a sticker I have yet to see made; most people have no idea who Mara Jade is)
  • Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru (I would love this sticker so long as they're not burning corpses)
  • Two random Ewoks (why not, right?)
  • Two random Wookiees (see above)
  • Two random Tusken Raiders (let's see them use their gaffi sticks for good)
  • Boba Fett and Boushh (Leia's bounty hunter disguise in Return of the Jedi)
  • Jabba and his slave dancer Oola (considering 74% of U.S. males are considered overweight or obese, this is scarily accurate)
  • Lando and Leia (the smooth operator wins! Throw Han in the mix for you swingin' couples.)
  • General Crix Madine and Mon Mothma (just because they lead the Rebellion doesn't mean they can't lead a rebellion)

Yeah, I've overthought this.

Kapgar out!

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Marty Mankins

Overthought, maybe. But a win for this reader who enjoyed the suggested pairings.


You should print out this blog post and stick it to one of those cars when you see the mismatched stickers. ;)


I hoped somebody would. Thank you, sir!


I really should. We all should. 


I am really surprised anyone would go to the effort to put those stickers on their car and get the pairings wrong. You'd think they'd actually be SW fans to seek those specific stickers out.


I think the problem is that they're fans of the ideas of the characters and not their interrelationships. Just wrong. Do it right or not at all. 

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