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YEBO 2014: Music...

Per a post from Tankboy calling out music reviewers for publishing their best-of lists too early, I decided to delay mine as close to the New Year as possible. No, I'm not going to wait until 2015, but I did push it off as much as I could allowing myself as solid a shot as possible to listen to 2014 music. Hey, December 28 ain't too bad for a YEBO Music list, right?

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We spent part of Christmas Day at my parents' new house yesterday to celebrate the holiday with them and with my brother, SiL, and niece. Down in the basement, my parents have a play area for the kids complete with vintage toys that they'd either kept from my childhood or amassed at garage sales and flea markets in more recent years. I went down to the basement to keep an eye on Nathan and Zoey while they played and found myself rifling through some of the toys and having a little Instagram fun with them.

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Late last month, I put out a call for people to suggest ideas for my annual photo challenge for 2015. I've had one person suggest an idea (thanks, Marty!), but I'd still like some more.

This is my second notice... PLEASE give me some ideas for a weekly photo challenge! Entries will be accepted until December 31 when I officially commit my goals to the Intarwebs.