I've been blogging for a long time. When you blog for as long as I have, you make friends in this wonderful place known as the “blogosphere.” I’ve had a ton of friends and we read and comment on each other’s posts, link to each other’s sites, share advice, start writing and photography challenges. Many of us have even met, multiple times, in real life and gone to concerts together, had drinks, shared fantastic Chicago pizza. It can be a tight family.

As time goes by, though, that number of friends can wane. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, too. Social media allure, family lives, work life, a lack of inspiration or desire, etc.

Some of those people just disappear entirely leaving their blogs still alive on the web teasing you with a “will they or won’t they” mentality about their return. Others actually announce that they're leaving prior to deleting their sites entirely.

Whatever the reason, it happens. And it's no different than when you lose touch with school and work friends and whoever else.

But I always get a little sad when I have to update my blogroll and RSS subscriptions because, to quote Freddie Mercury, "another one bites the dust." Especially when you were certain that they would never leave. Yes, there are a handful of people that I think will never quit blogging until death do they part. I even think there are some that have a handful of posts scheduled to go live in the event that happens. Heh heh. I'm looking at you, Dave2.

So when you lose those ones you never thought would go, it really sucks. Even if they have been mostly quiet for a long time and have actually announced that they're going to quit, they just needed to pull the trigger.

One of those proverbial triggers was pulled earlier this week by my blogsis, Sizzle, on her blog Sizzle Says. I know she has said for a while she was done and she's taken creative leaves from her blog in the past and I know her reasons and agree with them and I am still in touch with her on Twitter and Facebook and I'm pretty sure I even have her cell phone and home address should Katie and I ever get our butts to Seattle. But it still sucks knowing that the greatness that has, since February 2005, been Sizzle Says will soon be gone.

Love ya, blogsis. You will be missed here in the Blogosphere. You've been an inspiration. Even to a hack writer like myself.

Now how the hell do I update my blogroll?

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Oh brother, this is so kind. You're making me tear up. I have such mixed emotions about leaving blogging. It mostly feels like the righ thing to do but there is the connection I have to so many people through it that is the hardest to walk away from. I'm glad we are real life friends. That we met in person. That we have other ways of connecting on line. Because you're my brother and I love you. Thanks for making my time blogging so fun, so rich, so worth it. Xoxox


You're more than welcome. Just don't forget about us! ;-)

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

You are far from being a hack writer.


Not that far. 

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Wish you had more confidence in yourself.


It's not lack of confidence. It's self deprecation. Keeps me humble. 

Suzanne Kurtz Apgar

Humility is fine, but you have real talent, my friend!!



Marty Mankins

Nice send off to Sizzle Says. While I haven't read her blog in a long time, I do remember her being one of the main ones that graced my feed reader.


Good time to catch up. ;)


I am right there with you. Some people I'm not so bummed about when they leave the blogsphere, but there are a few (i.e. Sizzle) that I do get pretty bummed about. THANKFULLY, she's still on Twitter and Instagram. :D

And I need to get my butt out to Seattle as well.


I've never been to the PacNW. Never been north of Muir Woods, in fact. Well, some of Sonoma and Napa Counties may have gone a little further north but not by much. 

Kevin Spencer

Saying a goodbye is a really good way to go when you've decided to hang up your hat. It's a shame when people just disappear off the grid entirely without any explanation. We've all had that happen to us and wonder what happened and can only hope for their return at some point.


What sucks is when you're left waiting for someone and, after a long while, you unsubscribe or unfollow only to have them come back and you don't know about it. Boooo!!

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