I was thinking about books yesterday. More specifically the reading goals I've set for the last two years.

Last year, I technically had two reading goals... the four George R.R. Martin books that I reported on this blog and the 15 books I challenged myself to read on Goodreads. I did make both goals. But I realized that in reading those four Martin books, I used three different media to compete the goal.

I read the first book back in 2013 as an e-book on my iPad, book 2 was a combination of the physical novel and e-book depending on where I was reading it, book 3 was an e-book, and books 4 and 5 were Audible audiobooks.

Is that weird? Did I miss any media types that I can employ when (if) books 6 and 7 ever come out?

I was thinking it might be cool to, instead of actually read them, have memories of having read them implanted in my brain a la Total Recall. How awesome would that be? Get the whole book implanted in your brain along with memories of sitting down and reading or listening to it at a variety of different locations the world over? I'd do it.


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But then there would be no fun in actually reading it!

I tried an e-reader, but I couldn't do it. Still can't. I need an actual, physical book in my hands where I can turn actual, real pages.

I've been wondering something about audio books...can we actually call them "books" if we are not reading them, but rather listening to a story? Just curious.


That's kinda like asking if you can still call it a TV show if you only watch it on your phone, tablet, or computer instead of on a TV. The naming is based on the source material, which is still a printed book. I'm good with it. 

Kazza the Blank One

It'd be very cool to have memories implanted like in Total Recall. But imagine the horrors that could be inflicted if you got hacked with bad memories or just plain false ones. You'd go completely insane not knowing what was real and what was not.. :)


And all that just to save time on reading a book. The terrors of laziness. ;-)

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