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Story Sunday 2015.04...

I'm a nice guy. Really, I am. You'd have to be to invest such a large amount of money into a limo and then give up a significant chunk of your life to drive people from point A to point B. Most of them are pretty nice, too. They know that I'm doing them a favor; making their lives easier but not subjecting them to the horrors of driving on the expressway and finding and paying for parking.

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For the last month, Katie and I had been taking advantage of a free trial membership to Amazon Prime. Most people know Amazon Prime as the service that allows Amazon shoppers to make purchases and have them delivered within two days guaranteed for free. But the service also gives users access to streaming video content that they can watch on their computers or mobile devices for free. There are other benefits, but the free streaming content is the focus of this post.

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I've been blogging for a long time. When you blog for as long as I have, you make friends in this wonderful place known as the “blogosphere.” I’ve had a ton of friends and we read and comment on each other’s posts, link to each other’s sites, share advice, start writing and photography challenges. Many of us have even met, multiple times, in real life and gone to concerts together, had drinks, shared fantastic Chicago pizza. It can be a tight family.

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A coworker decided to run a charity drive at work that she calls the "Soup-er Bowl." To take part, you place a can of soup in the box representing a team you want to win in the NFL Playoffs that week. Then you do the same the next week and then again for the Super Bowl. Oh, and if you tell her that the Green Bay Packers are your favorite team, she will match your donation (she loves the Pack).

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