Snippet Monday...

Snippet Monday?!?! Don't worry. I'm not making this a "thing." But this post was originally just going to be my wrap up of Macro Monday. But with only a reveal and no new challenge photo, it seemed like a very light post. So I decided to add a few things. Hence, Snippet Monday! And it's also been a while since I've done any snippet posts.

To wrap it all up real quickly, this...

Macro Monday 2014.52. Last one! Take a guess!

Was the macro lens that made this whole project happen...

Macro Monday 2014.52 solution - my lens for this project.

Actually, to be entirely honest, since it is a combination macro/wide-angle lens, this is just the wide-angle part of it because I needed the macro lens to take the photo.

I hope you all enjoyed Macro Monday. It was fun. Difficult sometimes to make happen, but fun.

Last night, I wrote my inaugural Story Sunday post. This is, officially, my photo challenge replacement for Macro Monday. I hope you all enjoy it. Keeping up with it will certainly be a challenge. Moreso even than Macro Monday.

Okay, enough with the self promotion.

Congratulations to Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford, Duncan Keith, and Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Blackhawks who were named to the 2015 NHL All-Star Team. Represent!

Holy balls was it cold this morning! A whopping zero on the Fahrenheit scale dropped another 18 degrees for the windchill. I did not like it one bit. To quote Grandpa Gustafson, "It's buck-ass cold out here and I'm fresh outta beer!" God bless you, Burgess Meredith.

On the way into work this morning, I saw an interesting bumper sticker. It read "Republicans for Voldemort." I'm not sure if that was a very self-aware Republican or a Democrat having a little fun. Either way, I laughed.

Stay warm out there!

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Marty Mankins

Nice ending to Macro Monday. And a I just posted, a great start to Story Sunday.

It was cold in Salt Lake last week. I'm in Vegas for a few days this week and it's nice to escape the cold with a bit of 60+ degree weather. Even if the mornings are cold (in the mid 40's, which is cold for the Vegas desert)


That would be amazing Vegas weather!

Kazza the Blank One

Huzzah! I got one right ;)

Also, I'm doing Dave2's FridayQ challenge (from ten years ago) whereby I'm meant to admit to the world I like a particular artist. In this case Katy Perry or Abba. I didn't think I'd try and work it in unrelatedly, that'd be tooo forced ;)


I'm all about unrelated! Work it in there! (I like them both, too, BTW)

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