One of my favorite accounts on Twitter to read on a regular basis is The Cancel Bear. The person behind this account closely follows ratings on the Big 5 U.S. TV broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW) and predicts which shows will become "Bear Chow." The predictions and extended ratings and commentary are also posted on TV by the Numbers.

I enjoy The Bear because he can be quite witty. He always speaks in the third person and does not watch broadcast TV at all so he also offers no personal opinion on which shows deserve cancellation or not. Another constant reference of his is to what he calls Fan Bingo, which is basically a bingo game board full of excuses fans make for why their favorite shows have low ratings or get canceled. It's all quite humorous.

This past week, I was reading the Bear's predictions based on the ratings from the previous week and current trending of shows. If these predictions hold true, Katie and I will only be carrying over a total of 10.5 hours of viewing per week, broken down thusly (that is a word, right?):

  • ABC = 3.5 hours: black-ish, Castle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family, and Scandal
    (note: another hour could be added for me if Agent Carter is picked up as a regular series)
  • CBS = 6 hours: Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: New Orleans, Mike & Molly, and The Big Bang Theory
    (note: this may be reduced by another hour as the Bear is predicting that at least one, if not more, of the following three series will likely be canceled: Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-O, and The Good Wife)
  • NBC = 1 hour: Chicago Fire
  • Fox = 0 hours
  • CW = 0 hours
    (note: we watch Hart of Dixie as a guilty pleasure but given that the CW has renewed every single one of their other shows, the Bear is pretty certain this one is being nixed)

When the new season starts, we'll likely give a shot to new sitcoms and one or two hourlong dramas, but not much else. We've been trying to move away from watching more new stuff and sitcoms, as we're seeing, don't make the cut all that often (only The Goldbergs lasted from the 13-14 season and, so far, only black-ish is surviving this current season).

It feels good to clean house, doesn't it?

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I'm surprised Blue Blood and Hawaii Five-O are still even on. Also the Good Wife. I wonder if they'll get nixed. I hope NCIS doesn't (well the original and New Orleans; not a fan of the LA one).

I haven't really found great new shows recently (except for Agent Carter). There's not much good stuff on. I've actually been watching more PBS masterpiece shows (which are of course all originally British) and other mystery shows I've found on Netflix (also originally British like The Fall and Bletchley Circle). The big networks are not doing so great with putting out new good shows. (And I don't watch any reality TV. It's such junk.)


Katie and I still enjoy Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0. But they've already attained syndication status so I'm sure their time is limited. We have up on Good Wife years ago. And, of the three, it has the lowest ratings overall. The first two are given a little extra slack because they are Friday shows. And even being on Friday, they have higher ratings than Good Wife. 

Marty Mankins

While I rarely watched any of them, the entire NCIS and Law and Order off shoots always cracked me up of many re-inventions they did that did well in the rating for so long.


Don't forget CSI. 

Marty Mankins

Oh yeah... I did until you just mentioned it. The 4 different CSI iterations.


Does that include the one starting later this season? CSI: Cyber, I think it is?

Kevin Spencer

They sure know how to milk every last drop out of those shows don't they? Didn't even realize they were up to that many NCIS spinoffs.


Yup. Three active NCIS shows a with one failed (four total). Four CSI shows (although only one currently active with the fourth starting in a month). Chicago Fire has a spinoff with another proposed.  God only knows how many Law & Order shows have been around. Something like a half dozen maybe?

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