I mentally responded to the news of two John Boehner staffers using a bunch of Taylor Swift animated gifs to respond to President Obama's free community college plan in an official Speaker of the House blogpost with a question... "Does Taylor Swift approve of this use of her image?"

I asked this because, although such images, I assume, are protected by Fair Use, this hasn't stopped artists from crying foul (extremely loudly) when political candidates they do not support have used their music or image or quotes or whatnot on the campaign trail in the past. So, yes, they could get away with it, but is it in their best interests to rile the Kingdom of Queen Taylor?

I also wondered just what, if any, political party affiliation Taylor has. Could you imagine if she was Liberal and very opposed to Boehner and just went to town on him for what his staffers did? How much fun could that be? She could go so far as to promise free concerts throughout the State of Ohio (Boehner's elected home state) for people that could prove they voted to have him recalled from office.

Of course my glee regarding this sort of situation is tempered by the fact that Ohio, along with all other 49 states, do not have recall provisions in place for elected Federal positions.

Then it dawned on me, if there truly was anyone who could affect change in the voting populace amongst young voters and those who are almost of voting age, it's Taylor Swift. I truly think that if recall was in place, she could make it happen and have Boehner recalled. Or just have another candidate voted into office in his place in four years.

You're probably shaking your head right now asking what kinds of drugs I'm on and saying that I'm typing complete poppycock here. But, think about it for a moment... There are so many politically disaffected young in the U.S. who don't vote, period, that all it would take was some enthusiasm from Taylor Swift and she could do it. How many copies of each album does she sell? How many people love her unconditionally? She could totally Olivia Pope (yes, I was trying to use that name as a verb intentionally) any political race.

It's scary to think about.

"Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Taylor Swift!"
--Emperor Palpatine (paraphrased, of course), The Return of the Jedi

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UGH Taylor Swift. And bigger UGH goes to Orange Tan Man. Blech.


"Orange tan man"? This is America. We call them Oompa Loompas. 

Marty Mankins

You make a very valid point about Taylor Swift fans that are voting age. The impact and influence from a mega pop star could change elections.

BTW, paraphrase. Anything Star Wars related is good with me.


Scary and yet inspiring to think that they could be mobilized for good. 

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