Boy, did Nate have a heckuva night. And Katie and I got dragged along for the ride.

As with any kid his age (or any age, for that matter), he did not want to go to bed. Not one iota. And he had the energy level to prove it. So we let him stay up until about 8:30 until we started the process of going to bed. It didn't end until he finally fell asleep about 10:30.

Then he woke up around 3 a.m. and I went in there to try to rock him back to sleep. However, he had a coughing fit due to a severely dry throat (yes, we have a humidifier right by his bed) and I went to get him some juice and he waited patiently for me in his room. I came back and we rocked and talked and he fell asleep about 3:40 and I left his room about 3:50.

At about 4:10, he woke back up. I don't think I was quite registering what was going on, so Katie went in. I laid back down and was listening to see if she had any issues so I could get up and help her out.

I'm guessing my attempts at staying awake to help weren't going so well because, the next thing I knew, I could hear Katie lulling Nathan to sleep, but Nathan was right there standing beside me at the side of my bed. But, it wasn't Nathan. It was someone who looked just like Nathan whom my brain readily recognized as Nathan's twin brother. But was it really Nathan's twin or was it Nathan himself? I couldn't tell. So I asked Katie down the hall which one she had because I couldn't tell who was in here with me. She sounded incredulous as she replied with "you can't tell?" I think I resigned myself to thinking it was his twin brother and proceeded to try to get him to go to sleep.

I don't want Nathan to be a twin. I really don't want Nathan to be a twin. Certainly not an identical twin. I'd never survive. The two of them would gaslight the hell out of me.

Unless there already are two of them! And they already are gaslighting me into believing there's only one! They're devious!!!


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hello haha narf

sleep deprivation is fun!


Says you! 

Marty Mankins

My years of losing sleep were so long ago, but I remember the sleepless nights with my daughter when i was a stay at home dad (I ran my own company for a spell). 3-4 years old was something of a challenge.

Now, it's my own insomnia that keeps me sleepless a few nights a week.


Matt's aunt had twins 30+ years ago. Best part? When she was pregnant with them, she didn't know they were twins. Thought it was only one kid. UNTIL SHE GAVE BIRTH TO BOTH OF THEM.

True story.

Yay sleep deprivation!


Katie and I alternate on the insomnia. We'll go a year or so at a time where she falls asleep without a problem while I'm staring at the ceiling for hours and then it switches for a while. Currently she's the ceiling starer. 


That had to be a helluva surprise. "Wait a second, miss. You're not quite done yet!"

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