At the library last night, I discovered something pretty cool. They call it "Blind Date a Book." They wrap a bunch of books in brown paper, write a one-sentence description on the paper, and you check it out title-unseen.

I read through the descriptions and found one that appealed to me.

I (mostly) like the Coen brothers!

I got it home and Katie opened it. The result? Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason. This is a book I likely never would have even given a second glance to on the shelf. But now I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Thanks, Geneva Public Library! This is a really cool idea. Keep doing it!

Remember this thing?? I haven't done a TUA in a long time. So long, in fact, I need an updated graphic for the new blog. But this will work for now.

I just wanted to drop a TUA reminding people that if they are superstitious, they should probably hide today... and on this day next month... and again in November. That's a lot of Friday the 13ths, folks. And two in a row? Yikes!

Good thing I love the number 13. Katie and I were married on a 13th.


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Crystal Lake? Never heard of it.


Just stay away from that nothing you know nothing about on Friday the 13th. 


That's such a fun and clever idea! I hope more libraries start doing it.


It would be smart of them to do so. 


I love that your library does that. So so cool.


Apparently they're not the only one according to some of my Twitter friends. Suggest it to your library. 


That is a super fun idea! Have you started the book?


I have and am enjoying it although the "dark humor" has yet to kick in. 

Marty Mankins

Can't say that I think of Friday the 13th in any other way except for the series of horror movies.

I like what the library has done.


I'm trying to convince the library to do stuff like this more often. 

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