Do you remember the top menu bar on my old blog design? The one that offered links to my Homepage, a bio ("Me"), RSS/email subscription options, my monthly and category archives, a list of blogger friends and other links ("Blogroll"), and my monthly goals?

It dawned on me that, with this new design, you may not realize that all those links still exist. They're just tucked away in the topbar in that rectangular button with the dash mark. See it? That one above that looks like...

I don't know why I never pointed it out before. I've been working with menu buttons like this so long that I assume people realize what it is, but not everybody is that familiar with the option. Especially since they're mostly reserved for mobile versions of websites and are not readily used on laptop/desktop (read "full") versions of many sites.

So, if you were wondering where those links were, I'm sorry I never pointed it out, but there they are!

Also, while cleaning out my Typepad File Manager, I discovered a bunch of my old blog banners from over the years. I thought it might be funny to post them here for you all. Please note that in all but one instance (the Chicago Bears Super Bowl banner), these are photos that I've taken. And, yes, I even took that photo of the yo-yo. I still own the yo-yo, too. Nothing beats a Duncan!

Oy, the stuff I've designed. No wonder I'm not a professional graphic designer.

Lastly, I've received pretty positive feedback on the Sunday Stories carousel plugin. I considered placing a second one in there specifically for my Tu(n)esday music posts. The images would wind up being mostly album cover art that I use in the post to accompany reviews or the occasional random other image. Is that cool or is it carousel overkill? Let me know what you think.


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I don't see the dash mark but I do see all your main links (home, me, subscribe, archives, etc.). Did you mean in the mobile version (I'm reading this through my computer)? If I had seen the dash though, I would know that's where the main menu bars are (only because many websites have it like that now which is a cleaner look).

I was expecting to see Katy Perry in that "The More You Know" photo. Heh.


It's so rare that I check out my site on a full-fledged computer that I didn't realize it showed the options. The More I Know...

Kevin Apgar | | @kapgar

Sent using a microchip fused to my prefrontal cortex. Resistance is futile.

Marty Mankins

I do like the Sunday Stories carousel. It's a nice way of seeing what I need to catch up on out here. LOL


But would a second carousel be too much?

Marty Mankins

It might be, trying to watch two rotating post series.


That's what I was thinking but wanted confirmation. 

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