My plan was to review the new(ish) Red Velvet Oreo cookies today.

I just don't feel quite ready to do it. I've only had a couple so far. Maybe tomorrow.

Plus, I've been busy playing sous chef (sous baker?) to Katie as she bakes two loaves of blueberry bread and a dozen blueberry muffins.

That may or may not have involved me eating an inordinate amount of raw batter.

I also promised myself I would finish reading Gone Girl tonight. I aims to keep that promise!

Off we go!


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Uh blueberry bread you say? Recipe please?? :)


I think I can manage that. 

Marty Mankins

This reminds me that I still have a package of Red Velvet Oreos to review. Blueberry muffins sound great.


Looking forward to what you have to say on the Oreos. 

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