Story Sunday 2015.08...

I apologize in advance if this one disturbs any of you. This was not an easy one to write.

"This is one of the finest rifles we sell. Great stability for long distance firing."

All units respond to shots fired at...

"It comes packaged with this long-distance scope. You can even buy a pretty inexpensive conversion kit to turn it into a night scope."

Suspect or suspects remain at large and are armed and considered extremely dangerous.

"How easy is it to use?"

Oh Christ! I just walked out of the school with Bill and I heard a crack and his head snapped back and blood shot out everywhere!

"With a few quick lessons here in our in-store range, we can have you dotting the 'i' on a Pepsi can from 200 meters inside of a week."

I heard another pop just as I dropped to the ground. It hit the wall right where I was standing.

"That sounds perfect! Can I buy everything here? Gun, ammo, scope conversion kit?"

We went into immediate hard lockdown. Teachers locked classroom doors and closed windows and blinds and got all students under cover as soon as possible.

"All of it available right here."

Unfortunately, the shooter took blind shots at windows and some students were hit. Our prayers are with those children and their families as we try to make sense of this tragedy.

"Can I pay you now and take it home today?"

We're saddened to have to report that three of the children that were transported to our E.R. after the shooting earlier this afternoon have passed away. Five others are in critical, but stable, condition and expected to survive.

"Well, we have to run a background check and get through the federally mandated waiting period, but you'll get it soon enough. And we've never had a problem getting a customer approved. Do you want to start the paperwork?"

Two teachers were killed including the initial shooting victim. The other was shot while diving in between a student and one of the shots fired.


Why? WHY? WHY?!?! She was so young!! She had so much to live for!! What did she do to deserve this??


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Good story. Sad, but good. It's something I worry about with Matt's job.


Thanks. Tough for me, too, with Katie in a customer service role and Nathan coming up on school age. 

Marty Mankins

Very well written. It was disturbing, but not from the story part, but from how much in the media this is all so true and how it plays out. Spurred some emotions here. And on the same page with you on where the story came from.


I had a feeling we'd be on the same page there. And thank you. 

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