If Dave2 is going first, I'll go second. Well, second insofar as I've seen my own reading list go. Maybe some others of his readers have done, but I haven't seen them. It's Dave2's Burger Quiz!

What kind of burger to do you like best? How is it cooked?
I like a good old fashioned cheeseburger best but am more than willing to experiment. And I prefer it medium well.

What tops your favorite burger?
Typically American cheese, ketchup, lettuce, and tomato. Sometimes mayonnaise. Sometimes other stuff, too. But those first few are core.

Where do you find your favorite burger?
Any number of places, honestly. Steak n' Shake, In n' Out, Portillo's, any number of pubs. But, as noted before, if I decide to be experimental, I'm all about Jackson Avenue Pub in downtown Naperville, Illinois. The best menu of burgers ever. I'm only about 25% of the way through trying all two dozen-ish.

How do you like your favorite burger packaged to go... Paper Wrap, Foil Paper Wrap, Paper Bag, Foil Paper Bag, Paper Box, of Styrofoam Box?
Foil paper wrap. I think it keeps it warmer longer. I hate that Portillo's, who make a mean cheeseburger, use foam that cannot be recycled. Unforgiveable.

When cooking burgers at home, do you make your own patties by hand or do you purchase pre-fabricated?
We've done it both ways. Depends on the deal we get at the store.

Ideally, what accompanies your favorite burger?
Thick-cut French fries (I think some places call them steak fries) or creamy cole slaw.

How often do you eat a hamburger
Once every few weeks. Not all that often, honestly. But as summer approaches, that number might increase. Who knows?

Your turn!

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Man oh man what I wouldn't give to be able to eat a burger. Stupid cholesterol.


That would hurt. Sorry. 

Marty Mankins

I just posted my Burger Quiz post. It starts with a good old fashioned cheeseburger.


It must. 

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