I recently discovered that I have to burn off some paid time off (PTO) at work or I'm going to lose it. I can only roll over a certain number of hours from one fiscal year to the next and I've maxed those out. By April 30, I need to take five days off to ensure I lose no time.

Today is the first of those five days. Next Thursday is the second. I'm taking two days off in mid-April because Katie and I are going to put down a laminate flooring in the first floor of our place.

Then I have one more day. Gotta figure out when to take that one.

Who knew planning days off was so difficult?

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Mar 18
We cut Nathan's hair the other night. He's been due for a while now but, since he emphatically hates having his hair cut, we've put it off. Something about not wanting to deal with the crying jags. Pick your battles....
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Mar 20
If Dave2 is going first, I'll go second. Well, second insofar as I've seen my own reading list go. Maybe some others of his readers have done, but I haven't seen them. It's Dave2's Burger Quiz! What kind of burger...


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Whaaat that is awesome!!

You'll have to do a before and after in regards to the flooring. We need to replace the flooring to our entrance (right when you enter our place - it's not large at all). But I'm going to hire the people who did our bathroom floors to do this because I cannot do this on my own.


I hope it's awesome. We're doing the whole thing ourselves. Katie has been squirreling away cash for months saving up for it. Paying for it all in cash. No credit. No financing. Yay!

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