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I had this great idea for a blog post today. Another good current events one, but I cannot find the news article and any Google search I perform comes up with older stories that are not at all the one I want. I don't know what happened. Weirdness abounds on the web. I'll keep searching, but, in the meantime, I'm bumping up a post I was holding until later.

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Tu(n)esday: Pumpkins...

Back before the start of the second semester of my freshman year of college, I transferred from Iowa State University back home to Northern Illinois University. Being that the World Wide Web didn't quite exist for the masses yet, the only way to learn about new music was from the radio and local concerts. Admittedly Iowa State didn't have much of a music scene that I was aware of at the time. But, once I transferred back to NIU with its proximity to Chicago, my music world opened up. And this was right as alt rock was kicking in the door on the scene.

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Story Sunday 2015.09...

[Author's note: I know I said all my pictures in Story Sunday would be candids and that the subject would ideally not realize they are being photographed. But, yesterday, I went to my first comic con and I wanted to use that as the subject. I'd also read that cosplayers don't mind being photographed so long as you're up-front with them. So I asked and he was cool with it. Not candid, but definitely cool.]

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