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[Author's note: I know I said all my pictures in Story Sunday would be candids and that the subject would ideally not realize they are being photographed. But, yesterday, I went to my first comic con and I wanted to use that as the subject. I'd also read that cosplayers don't mind being photographed so long as you're up-front with them. So I asked and he was cool with it. Not candid, but definitely cool.]

Forget the haters.

I love comic books and science fiction and, more than anything else, I love to live them.

Yes, I'm a grown man and, on occasional weekends, I dress up in Jedi warrior garb and go out in public wielding a lightsaber. Laugh if you must but I like it. I'm proud of who I am and I don't have to hide it.

At comic cons, I'm with my people. They appreciate what I've done and all the hours I've put into this costume and they accept me. This is my family. People talk to me and ask me about the finer points of my costume with awe and respect in their voice. They ask to take my picture and I know it's because they like how I look and who I become.

They love me.

I love them.

If you don't, I'll Force-choke your ass.


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Marty Mankins

Oohh.. I like this week's story. Very geeky. And I can see that photo and story going very well together.


You confused me. I was thinking by "this week's," you meant number 12. Heh heh. 

Marty Mankins

Why Vader, of course. But in a good way, cause Vader does turn good again.

Marty Mankins

Oh.. Sorry. Still playing catchup. And forgive the bottom comment. I think I posted on the wrong post.


What if I don't want to turn good?


No worries. 

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