Story Sunday 2015.11...

[Author's note: I helped my FiL buy an iPad at the Apple Store in Woodfield Mall today. No, I didn't buy anything. Sob.]

Salesperson: "Would you like to get an AppleCare plan with that?"

Customer: "A what?"

Friend: "An AppleCare plan is a warranty. In case you do something to screw it up."

C: "Well, how much is it?"

S: "For this item, it's $99."

C: "Why would I need it?"

S: "It provides for full replacement in case the product malfunctions or has an issue that is manufacturer related outside the built-in warranty period."

F: "Plus, I think it covers you twice in case of stupidity."

C: "'Stupidity'?"

S: "What your friend is trying to say is that your device will be covered against accidents like drops where, say, the screen shatters."

F: "You should consider leading with that next time. That would sell me without hearing the other stuff."

S: "I get that sometimes."

C: "Do many people buy that Apple...whatever plan?"

S: "More often than not."

F: "Let me guess... the ones who don't are the ones who, well, should have? Because of 'stupidity'?"

S: "Well..."

C: "I'm not going to get it. I won't need it."

Friend and Salesperson look at each other and roll back their eyes.


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I always get it. I've never used it. Any problem I have always happens after AppleCare has expired.


We almost always do, too. But we didn't get it right away with Katie's iPhone 5c and I don't remember the reason why. We tried to go back and get it but missed the 30-day window by a day or two. 


Haha! Sounds about right. :)

P.S. I always get Apple Care (mainly on big items). Worth it!


Oh I do too. 


On its own, I don't think it's quite worth the cost since the "accident" coverage has a deductible that often makes the cost of the first accident as much as without.

However, in my experience there are extra benefits. Sometimes they replace without the deductible. Battery replacement doesn't require the deductible, and it seems that the odds that a battery will test bad enough to be replaced within the two year coverage is pretty high.


There was one time my Time Capsule drive died. They used the AppleCare from my laptop and applied it to the drive because they were used together. 

Marty Mankins

AppleCare is a must for laptops. For all of my iPads and iPhones, I never get it. As Ren mentioned above with the batteries, my late 2008 MacBook Pro 15" had AppleCare and I got 3 batteries replaced (on top of the battery that came with the MBP) under it (they all never made it to 300 charges without dying around the 40% full capacity mark).

Stupidity does require AppleCare for many people that I know that have shattered their iPads and iPhones on a semi regular basis.


AppleCare saved Katie's butt many times with her old iPhone. But we forgot to get one in time with her current 5C and could've really used it. 

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