Dear CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and anyone else who broadcasts original TV programming,

Can we finally admit that the era of the laugh track is dead and move on? Because, I gotta be honest with you, it's really freakin' annoying.

There was a point in time when I didn't notice laugh tracks. That was mostly because I was laughing at the proper moment and the canned laughter mixed with my own to render it unnoticeable.

However, there have been several so-called situation comedies in recent years that are so bad (How bad are they, Kevin?) that they have needed a laugh track to remind us viewers of when we're supposed to laugh because, well, the networks and show producers clearly just don't trust us to figure it out on our own.

The problem here isn't us, it's you for broadcasting shows that are so bad we need to be told when to laugh.

This has led to laugh tracks becoming utterly noticeable. Invasively noticeable.

Networks, I am smart enough to know when to laugh. So, when shows like The Big Bang Theory, Odd Couple, Two and a Half Men, and One Big Happy need to tell me via use of laugh track, maybe it's actually time to kill the shows. I'm already on the fence about Odd Couple and One Big Happy, Two and a Half Men has run its course and The Big Bang Theory just hasn't been the same for a while.

Please. Kill the laugh tracks. You'll know if we're not laughing because we will stop watching. Not the response you want, I'm sure. But it is certainly the logical one.

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I was actually thinking the very same thing a few weeks ago. I was looking on Hulu for new comedy shows to watch and I came upon one (I think it was One Big Happy). As soon as I heard the laugh track, I closed the show and never watched it again. I can't stand it anymore. Those are the worst comedy shows now (the ones with the laugh track). As you said, I don't need anyone telling me when to laugh. Ridiculous.


I've always found the laugh track so annoying! If Steven is flipping stations and stops on awhile for a show that has one, we know it's gonna be bad.


And I was holding out hope One Big Happy would be good. I like Elisha Cuthbert. 


It's a pretty sure bet anymore. 

Kevin Spencer

I'm with you, although you're lucky that you didn't notice them earlier as I've always found them annoying to be honest.


I've noticed them before but I'm usually laughing. So I'm aware but not thoroughly annoyed. 

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