If you're able and actually still have one nearby, get out and support your local record store! Why? Because today is...

Actually, if you really love your local record store, go there every day but today. They need your support year-round.


Go today if you like freebies and exclusives that you can't get at any other time but have to wade insanely long lines to buy.


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Apr 17
Since mentioning the new Star Wars trailer yesterday, I figured I'd take a moment to mention that I've developed a new app obsession. It's called Topps Star Wars Card Trader. In the simplest terms, it's a collectible card game from...
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Apr 19
I played guitar. Once. For ten years. A one-time ten-year span. I picked out a guitar. I took lessons. I tried to read music. I played four songs. Repeatedly. Not very well. I bought or traded for three more guitars....


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Kevin Spencer

Surprisingly downtown Phoenix does have a couple Record Stores left. And I love them. Interesting that Barnes & Noble is selling Vinyl now too.


And turntables! It's smart of them. 

Marty Mankins

I'm sad to say that I didn't make to a record store this year. And I have one just a mile away from my house. I do plan to go here soon as I have a few CDs that I want to check out.


Seems most of what I want is EPs and those aren't released physically much anymore. 

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