It's kinda hard to think about much else when you've got a home renovation project at the forefront of your mind. And that's exactly what Katie and I have going on. Later this week, we start tearing up our kitchen and living room and putting in a laminate floor in place of the living room carpet and kitchen linoleum.

We've started work in small ways like taking up little areas of carpet that are a bit less conspicuous and, therefore, less likely to cause Nathan injury. Part of our pantry closet is torn out, the coat closet is torn out, a two-inch strip along the back wall of our house is done.

Why a two-inch strip? It's wide enough to clear the tack strip so I could also pry that out of our concrete base, but not so wide that it poses a physical danger to Nathan. Shouldn’t affect his playing at all. I plan to do one or two more strips along other walls tonight. The idea is that all we then have to do is move furniture and we can just roll up the carpet and padding and take it outside. There may not long be a tack strip securing it, but it will be held in place like a giant, shaggy area rug with all our furniture on top of it.

On Thursday and Friday, we'll do the real meat of the work. Katie and I both have off from work and Nathan will be staying with his aunt, uncle and cousin. Wish us luck.

If we survive this project, I will post updates. If not, well, you'll know...

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Are you guys doing the whole thing yourselves or getting someone to help you? (Did I ask you this before? If so sorry, can't recall.) Take before and after pictures and share please! Best of luck!


It's all us. With some assistance from Katie's dad. We need his help disconnecting appliances and whatnot. 


Good luck! I bet it will turn out great!!! :)


We're hoping so. Thanks!

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