Story Sunday 2015.14...


No, it's not!

I wanna play War.

Yes, it is!

Do you even know what gin is?

No. Do you?


Can we play War?

So it could be Gin!

But it's not.

War, please?

But it could be.

Well I've got a Royal Flush.

No you don't!

Heh heh, you said "flush."



Do you have an Ace of Spades?

Go Fish.



Wrong game, dork.

Fine. If you both won't play War, we'll play 52-Card Pickup!

Oh, I'll show you a War, you punk!



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Apr 4
I realize that this is coming the night before, but since tomorrow is Story Sunday, it seemed okay to use this post to wish you and yours a happy and safe Easter. May the Easter Bunny bring you goodies... and...
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Apr 6
It's kinda hard to think about much else when you've got a home renovation project at the forefront of your mind. And that's exactly what Katie and I have going on. Later this week, we start tearing up our kitchen...


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That sounds about right. Hmmmmm....are you actually 11-12 years old...?


I do relate well to them. 

Marty Mankins

Another great Story Sunday. If you haven't guessed, I'm playing catchup with these tonight.

I remember 52-card pickup always being the last card game played as a kid amongst other kids.

Crazy Eights was a favorite of mine.


I've never played Crazy Eights. 

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