Story Sunday 2015.15...

My Cleanse is done. Seven God-awful days of water with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and honey.

Who does that?

This world has so much great food in it and life is too short to not enjoy it.

I've spent most of my life up to now on diets. Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, Nutrisystem, Paleo, Overeaters Anonymous, you name it... I've tried it.

I lose and I gain. Weight and self respect and disdain and adoration and romance.

I'm done.

I'm living for me.

And right now that means a steak bowl with rice and salsa and guacamole and cheese and lettuce and sour cream and...



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Apr 11
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Apr 13
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I have been craving a steak and mashed potatoes like you would not believe. But I'm staying away from red meat due to cholesterol (along with other types of food which includes the majority of cheeses). *Commence crying*


Not even cheese?!?! Is life worth living??? (Just kidding)


I had two red meats and two cheeses already today because I love cholesterol.


I say, "Bring it, cholesterol!" 

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