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I played guitar. Once. For ten years. A one-time ten-year span.

I picked out a guitar. I took lessons. I tried to read music.

I played four songs. Repeatedly. Not very well.

I bought or traded for three more guitars. Two electric. One acoustic.

I shared with my friends. They learned to read music. They taught themselves to be good. They played for the public in parks and coffee houses and small auditoriums.

I never played in public. Not even for friends. Not even for family.

I let my guitars gather dust. The dust outweighed my playing ability. My disdain outweighed even that.

I sold all my equipment to music stores.

I regret it to this day.


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Oh this is a good one.


Really? Thanks! I felt unsure about it. Didn't even know if I'd actually publish the post or not. 

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