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Floor, deux...

Apr 15
Thankfully this past Saturday and Sunday were far more productive than Thursday in terms of constructing our floor. Mario was right, once you know what you're doing and you hit a rhythm, it kinda flows. Thankfully he helped us figure...
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Apr 17
Since mentioning the new Star Wars trailer yesterday, I figured I'd take a moment to mention that I've developed a new app obsession. It's called Topps Star Wars Card Trader. In the simplest terms, it's a collectible card game from...


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I am actually excited about this now. All because of ONE SHORT TRAILER. HOW DO THEY DO IT???


That is the goal of trailers. 

Kevin Spencer

I've watched this so many times now. Oh Em Guh. I absolutely cannot wait for December. And the fact that your tweet got faved by Hammill is icing on the cake. How bloody amazing is that?


Made my freaking day! I still smile thinking about it. 

Suzanne Apgar

I can't wait to see it!!


Me neither. 


I want to see it NOW! Been looking forward to it, but expected it wouldn't be out for another year, at least.


It was actually supposed to be out this May to be aligned with release dates of the previous six films. But not got bumped back by production delays and injuries to Harrison Ford. No, not the plane crash. That was after filming ended. 

Marty Mankins

I still get chills after 20+ times watching this.

And of course, you get major props for being RTd by Mark Hamill. That was pretty major cool.


I might have that RT note put on my tombstone. 

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